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Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment is usually recommended when the “pulp” or nerve of a tooth becomes infected either through decay or injury. When a tooth becomes infected, bacteria spreads through the pulp into the surrounding bone and gums leading to a commonly painful condition called an abscess. Antibiotics can help to reduce the pain, however, if the diseased tooth is left untreated, the infection can lead to further damage to the surrounding gum and bone rendering the tooth unsalvageable.


Root Canal Treatment can be a lengthy procedure because the area being treated is so small and often requires a microscope. This combined with the need to let the tooth settle down may mean that you are likely to require 1-2 appointments to complete the Root Canal Treatment. Your dentist will likely recommend a crown or cap for your tooth following a Root Canal in order to reduce the risk of breaking the structurally compromised tooth long term.

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